5 Problems Cause The Feeling Of Pressure Behind Eyes

5 Causes of Dry Eyes
December 4, 2017
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5 Problems Cause The Feeling Of Pressure Behind Eyes

A feeling of getting pressure on your eyes not every time refers to have a problem inside the eyes. It could usually happen due to another health issues. Eyes are one of the essential parts of your body that are located nearby the brain. Obviously, when there is an issue around your eyes, it could affect your eyes for sure.

If your eyes are showing pink or having any allergy, it causes the eye pain but not the pressure behind it. The conditions which make your eyes to get pressure are as given below:

  • Sinusitis
    Sinus infection or sinusitis takes place when virus or bacteria get into space behind your cheeks, eyes and nose. These germs make your nose to fill with mucus. The sinus infection is one of the major reasons behind getting pressure on eyes.
  • Headaches
    There are two types of headaches due to tension or cluster headaches which deliver pressure on your eyes. A cluster headache is extremely painful that even stays for the few days or weeks.
  • Grave’s Disease
    The grave’s diseases cause the immune system to attack the thyroid gland mistakenly. Thus, gland releases too much of its hormone. The grave’s diseases affect the eyes muscles, as a result, some people feel pressure on their eyes.
  • Optic Neuritis
    Due to autoimmune diseases, your eyes may get the swelling or inflammation behind it. This can damage the optic nerve and transmit the visual information from the eyes to the brain. This is another cause of pressure behind the eyes.
  • Tooth Pain
    If you are feeling difficulties with your bite or jaw alignment, it can make you tense with the muscle of your face. Your muscle tension will deliver a headache and pressure behind the eyes.

In case you are suffering from above-stated issues, you need to get the right treatment for this. Moreover, one is always suggested to visit Westway Eyecare Clinic in Toronto for the proper check-up. The specialist will help you in delivering a right treatment for your eyes.