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Eye exams 30 min | $75

Dr. Deol will perform a thorough eye examination which includes a health check of the eyes, vision test, eye pressure check and will provide an eyeglass prescription (if necessary). Comprehensive examinations will include a retinal image (extra cost) using a Digital Retinal Camera which will help diagnose and treat eye related diseases and general health issues such as diabetes, hypertension or cardiac issues.

Contact Lens Fit 30 min | $50

Our contact lens fits will include a complete health check of your cornea and obtaining all measurements necessary to find the most comfortable and well fitting contact lens for your eye specifically. Our experienced staff will then train you on how to insert and remove the lenses and how to maintain them before allowing you to take them home to try for 1-2 weeks. A free follow up will then be scheduled for you to see Dr. Deol and discuss the options going forward.

OHIP - Who's Covered?

Seniors aged 65 and up - Children aged 19 and under - Diabetic patients - Cataract patients - Glaucoma patients - Amblyopia patients (lazy eye) - Ontario works/ODSP patients